Inline Remote Start Handle

The IRSH is used to enhance the ergonomics of an assembly station by providing more control than most standard inline tool levers provide. Our comfort Handle grip and low-force Trigger Hat rotate 3600  on bearings so there is no need to reposition your hand as you move from one drive location to another. Our Trigger Hat requires less force than tool triggers or levers and is ergonomically shaped for long term comfort. The IRSH clamps on any ETA Forearm. The robust Side Plates will handle the thrust needed for your application.

Use as an alternative to your DC tool’s start lever, which is often positioned far above the drive socket and doesn’t spin 3600  like the IRSH does! Our standard side plates will position the operator’s hand closer to the drive location without reaching up to the top end of the tool.

Note; Interface with DC controller requires addition of a simple air/electric pressure switch to convert air output from our trigger to a contact closure at tool controller I/O.

If the standard IRSH handle location is not suitable for your application then custom side plates can be made to suit. You can make your own or ETA can customize the IRSH upon request.
Note; The IRSH handle must be mounted upright.

The IRSH allows for mounting of inline tools via standard ETA vertical holders (UV-TH, TUV-TH, QE4,6 or 8, ST61-TH, RAV-TH or custom vertical holders. The IRSH can also be used with nipple mounted inline air tools (PA815 or PA815-DF). Note; Maximum tool diameter between IRSH side bars is 2.313” (58.75 mm) but spacers could be added to increase this for larger diameter tools.

The IRSH can be added to any model 815, 1015 or 1025 arm used for vertical fastening and can easily be added to any existing ETA model 815, 1015 or 1025 arms. IRSH weighs 3.25 lbs, so it is not recommended for 506 & 806 frames.

Use the IRSH with ETA model PA815-DF with down force assist to make it safety compliant when using a push-to-start driver.  Our Trigger Hat will control the Down Force logic to avoid accidental initiation of the down force. No additional hardware or components are needed to add IRSH to PA815-DF. The IRSH weighs too much to use with PA806-DF.

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