Z Axis Position Feedback

Most applications require only 2-axis position feedback ( X & Y) to error proof manual assembly operations. But sometimes the vertical or Z axis position is needed for location verification when fasteners are being driven horizontally. The Z axis can also be important if you are assembling components in layers or fasteners are located at various heights or angles off vertical.

We have a simple solution for these applications requiring Z axis feedback and it can be ordered with a new smart arm or purchased separately and added to any ETA arm at any time. It simply clamps onto one of the parallel arms of any ETA model.

We offer it in 2 outputs; model ZAV has analog voltage output or model ZAM has analog current output. The male 4 pin M12 connector on the cable has the same pin out as our AVSA or AMSA two axis analog arms, but it can also be used as an addition to our other 2 axis encoder options.

The ZAV and ZAM sensors are electronic inclinometers that measure the tilt of the ETA Parallel Rack as the arm moves up and down. The solid state MEMs devise scales the parallel rack tilt to either .5 to 9.5 V DC (ZAV) or 4 to 20 mA (ZAM). The sensor features a metal housing and is epoxy encapsulated for vibration, water and dust resistance. It has an environmental rating up to IP 69K. Accuracy is 0.3 degrees. Supply voltage is 12-24 VDC for either model.

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