Overhead Mount

Any ETA arm on this site can be built and shipped ready to be field mounted from overhead. Just add -OM to the end of the model number if you intend to mount your arm from overhead. Example EL506-UV-IOSA-OM

Please note; People often underestimate the structure needed to support the arm when mounting it overhead. ETA torque arms cannot be mounted to thin framing used for lighting or light stationary workspace items. It must be ridged and able to handle a 3 foot overhung load of 30 to 40 pounds (arm plus your tooling) without shaking or bending the structure it is mounted to. Plus there could be additional excessive stress, intentional or accidental, placed on it by operators from time to time. Additionally, the torque from larger tools can twist and bend the structure your arm is mounted to. If the structure is insufficient, the arm could hang out of level, causing it to perform improperly…. or worse. If you are planning on mounting your ETA arm from overhead, please be sure you have a robust structure to anchor to.

Also note that if the drop from your anchor point is more than 24″ (600 mm) above the arm’s shoulder (pivot point) you will need either cross bracing on the 1-1/4 npt iron pipe or a more robust base assembly, like our B250-0 Kit, to prevent lateral movement at the arm’s shoulder (pivot point).

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